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One Fine Moth

I had a visitor in my courtyard the other day, poor thing couldn’t quite seem to get up off the ground. Its legs were wet, or perhaps injured, I don’t really know. But it struggled to get up and away, futilely beating its wings every few minutes, or as it summoned up the energy.  Didn’t help that he/she was a tad on the heavy side…
I, of course, had to get really close to get these shots, seeing as I don’t have a macro lens…

But it was huge. And a beauty 🙂

it did try...

I hope it managed to fly off, because I hate the idea of such a pretty thing being devoured by the ants…those relentless soldiers of my courtyard, agents of disposal.


Tell me which image looks better…this one or the previous one…?


Seen in my courtyard, while doing some very late night gardening….