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Temple monkeys

I mentioned some monkey business in my previous post but didn’t share the pictures, mainly because I didn’t take them!

Luckily, the photographer has given me the green signal 🙂

Presenting….’The Mommy Who Wouldn’t Let Go’…..by Amu (the offspring)

eye Kandy

Day 3, in the afternoon. By the riverside in Kandy. Two pink things 🙂

(this post is dedicated to Harsha, who loves all things hibiscus)

Solemn little skeptic

Encountered early Sunday morning, 25th March, at the Burhani Car Rally 2012. This little girl was NOT too impressed by all this festivity and refused to crack a smile despite her mother’s cajoling 🙂

Zahabiya and her pretty offshoot

'when in doubt, chew your finger'


Skepticism, y'know, is the first step on the road to philosophy 🙂

freshly baked

little hand

little feet

I am a grand aunt again!

Blurred borders

little Kenyan boy on my lap on a ferry to Zanzibar