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….to the Kaghan Valley, up north 🙂

Somewhere along the way, after Mansehra, a pit stop for chai, the river Kunhar gushing busily by.





14th August 2012. Independence Day.

the offspring

in the mood to party…

…seconds before dashing out the door 🙂

Happy 65th Pakistan.

If I had to pick a tree…

…it would be this one.

I just have to slow down, or stop altogether and stare, if I chance upon an Amaltas on my jaunts around the city.

If this isn’t magic…what is?

Fields of gold

We passed so many sarson plantations on our way to Sehwan Sharif...

fields and fields glowing yellowly in the soft sunshine....

The pretty flowers needed a closer look...

I wonder what they use for sarson ka saag......flowers.....?

...or leaves..?

Of course it must be the leaves. Who’d eat such pretty flowers?

I'm surprised I didn't even THINK of munching on some! Just to see if they taste like mustard.