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On the Road

In the Triangle of Sri Lankan Culture

After reaching the beautiful resort at Habarana, we sipped a cool drink at the reception while being checked in. It was so peaceful and relaxing to just be there, admiring the layout as we walked to the little chalet that was assigned to us. All the hotels we stayed at in Sri Lanka had their own charm, and Chhaaya Village was perhaps the most charming, long-tailed monkey families scampering across the lawns next to a lotus lake, on the other side of which marched a row of elephants.

Funny thing about road trips and travelling together is the three of us sharing the same bathroom along the way, and it gets funnier if we all need to go at the same time 🙂

We opted to have a relaxed afternoon, freshening up with showers, a leisurely lunch followed by nap for me while Huz and Amu went for a romp.

The next day we set off for Anuradhapura after an early breakfast. It was a long drive to get there and ultimately we kicked ourselves for it.

We paid $25 each to explore this place (probably a hundred times more than the locals), Anuradhapura being one of the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka, famous for its well-preserved ruins of ancient Sri Lankan civilization….but we skedaddled from there as fast as we could. It was horribly hot!! I would have loved to roam around on a cloudy, drizzly day and the remnants were indeed fascinating and terribly historic. But Amu and I found ourselves longing to be submerged in the cool pool at the resort in Habarana :/

And once again, I was far more fascinated by the monkeys than the ancient Sacred Bodhi Tree :/

The road to Habarana

A bit damp from that tremendous cloudburst at Dambulla, we got back into our van and continued on our way to the base camp from where all exploratory expeditions in the Cultural Triangle head out.
The landscape had flattened out considerably and I noticed that these parts weren’t as lush and green as the ones we left behind that morning. Fewer people too.

hill country ~ 2

Our 11 days in Sri Lanka were essentially a road trip. We criss-crossed the island, winding up the hills, then down the hills, and onwards to flatter landscapes. It was lush and green all the way. We clicked hundreds of pictures, the camera passing from hand to hand, silently watching the landscape unfold, exchanging awed smiles.

I got a taste of how Huz must have felt on his way up to Nuwara Eliya. Realized no matter how breathtaking the landscape, you can’t enjoy it if you’re car sick. Winding mountainous roads unfortunately go hand in hand with amazing beauty 😐

I’m so glad I have these panoramic pictures to enjoy now with none of the queasiness 🙂

tea country



you can tell why it’s called The Emerald Isle, can’t you?




Amu took this fantastic shot


this one too


Day 1 in Sri Lanka; A bridge, on our way to Nuwara Eliya. Rather rickety!




this picture clicked by the ‘real’ photographer in the family…..Amu 🙂

Monster truck

Halfway to Sehwan, a truck adda for some chai.

bursting at the seams..quite literally.

keeping it in perspective…and oooh got a light bubble 🙂