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And the giraffes spot me!

We passed this sign, and then just a kilometre or so later we encountered veritable HERDS of giraffes!

Imagine my delight….

Don’t you just love their curious expressions?! And those distinctively patterned coats against that vivid lush greenery….


Spot the giraffe!

We spent all afternoon driving along dirt roads crisscrossing the wildlife reserve. We spotted a lion early on, an old, scarred one, but a real life lion in the wild nevertheless. I had already seen quite a lot of zebras, but I could never get enough of those.

It was as our guide/driver Erik was taking us on a quest for an elusive cheetah that we trundled over a wooden bridge, making as much of a ruckus as a herd of elephants would, that I spotted my other favourite animal…grazing by itself, looking supremely picturesque against the gorgeous landscape that is Mikumi.


14th August 2012. Independence Day.

the offspring

in the mood to party…

…seconds before dashing out the door πŸ™‚

Happy 65th Pakistan.


What I didn’t get to see up close in the wild in a reserve called MikumiΒ in Tanzania…..


It helps though, that I now have a much better zoom lens. πŸ™‚

Tough love

You know, you can touch a stick of dynamite, but if you touch a venomous snake it’ll turn around and bite you and kill you so fast it’s not even funny.
~Steve Irwin.

snakey wakey

(Seen in the Reptile Room of the Karachi Zoo, summer 2012)

If I had to pick a tree…

…it would be this one.

I just have to slow down, or stop altogether and stare, if I chance upon an Amaltas on my jaunts around the city.

If this isn’t magic…what is?

Monster truck

Halfway to Sehwan, a truck adda for some chai.

bursting at the seams..quite literally.

keeping it in perspective…and oooh got a light bubble πŸ™‚


In a garden named after Gandhi, in the heart of the city….a remnant of a colonial past.

the light changed rapidly as the sun set…



hard to believe those aren’t really petals…

…or this would be my favourite flower πŸ™‚


Daressalam University is built on lush green hills, the terrain undulates and leads to various buildings, crossing bridges, traversing slopes, and many tree-shrouded steps need to be climbed along the way….


very many steps...

climb we must!

blue-y sunny poolside morning

Not in the mood to swim, but just sit outdoors and study my new camera, I found my way to the hotel pool, there to potter about taking pictures of things and peruse the manual. No one there except me, blue sky and gorgeous East African clouds…

(click on image to enlarge)

why are East African clouds poofier than Southeast Asian ones? 😐

anything Masai catches my eye

It was fun setting the timer and dashing back and forth several times to get a ‘reasonably good’ shot of myself. I just hope no one was watching from their windows…..

creature comfort

Nothing like travelling thousands of miles across ocean and continent, weary from lack of sleep, dying for a shower and a snooze, to check into a hotel in a foreign country, travel some more in an elevator, walk down a carpet-muted corridor, slip a card into a slot in the door….open it, and find this…..

successful use of timer methinks

mandatory mug shot, more success with timer

I do confess I was a happy creature in Tanzania last March, exactly one year ago πŸ™‚

looking at places from an aerial perspective~1

This post is for people like me who have only seen Dubai while descending and departing. I happen to be one of those geeky people who’re fascinated by geography, so (when on a plane) instead of watching a movie or reading a book or sleeping, I’d rather be sitting with my nose pressed against the window with eyes peeled for any glimpse of unusual topography. Even ordinary topography is fine, actually. Here’s what I saw while flying over the U.A.E…










(Pssst…..I had to heavily tweak the brightness and contrast to edit these photos. Otherwise they were crap)


the apple and the tree

the apple...

the tree....!

Solemn little skeptic

Encountered early Sunday morning, 25th March, at the Burhani Car Rally 2012. This little girl was NOT too impressed by all this festivity and refused to crack a smile despite her mother’s cajoling πŸ™‚

Zahabiya and her pretty offshoot

'when in doubt, chew your finger'


Skepticism, y'know, is the first step on the road to philosophy πŸ™‚

One Fine Moth

I had a visitor in my courtyard the other day, poor thing couldn’t quite seem to get up off the ground. Its legs were wet, or perhaps injured, I don’t really know. But it struggled to get up and away, futilely beating its wings every few minutes, or as it summoned up the energy. Β Didn’t help that he/she was a tad on the heavy side…
I, of course, had to get really close to get these shots, seeing as I don’t have a macro lens…

But it was huge. And a beauty πŸ™‚

it did try...

I hope it managed to fly off, because I hate the idea of such a pretty thing being devoured by the ants…those relentless soldiers of my courtyard, agents of disposal.

14th February~early morning drive back home.

It is not often….not often at all, that I am up and out of the house driving around so early. The man who usually does these things is out of town, so yours truly must drop the offspring to school. Yesterday as I drove back home, I witnessed the most glorious sun, just over the horizon as I went around a bend on the sloping road. ‘Oh WOW!’, is all I could say, and kicked myself for not having a camera on me. Promised myself I would remember to take it with me this morning, as the sun dawned on Valentines Day, 2012. The sky was less polluted this morning it seemed, and the sunrise wasn’t as spectacular as it was yesterday. But it wasn’t bad either.

Have a great day people.









the road to Sehwan

sheep grazing...

men in pickup...


two young ladies who came up to see if we'd give them some money....


...smiled when they saw my camera πŸ™‚

and brought some buddies πŸ™‚

Fields of gold

We passed so many sarson plantations on our way to Sehwan Sharif...

fields and fields glowing yellowly in the soft sunshine....

The pretty flowers needed a closer look...

I wonder what they use for sarson ka saag......flowers.....?

...or leaves..?

Of course it must be the leaves. Who’d eat such pretty flowers?

I'm surprised I didn't even THINK of munching on some! Just to see if they taste like mustard.



don't you be walking under THIS tree in the dusk...

Roots in the air

Not content to just be grounded

Sunset at the beach….

at the end of a beachy day at Sandspit, you back your car out and glimpse the sun through the reeds. must take picture. (completely unedited)

freshly baked

little hand

little feet

I am a grand aunt again!


Tell me which image looks better…this one or the previous one…?


Seen in my courtyard, while doing some very late night gardening….