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eye Kandy

Day 3, in the afternoon. By the riverside in Kandy. Two pink things 🙂

(this post is dedicated to Harsha, who loves all things hibiscus)

hill country

After a 6 hour, winding drive up hilly terrain, we finally reach Nuwara Eliya, once called Little England. Huz had been pretty car sick, so it is a relief to get out. It is cold here, compared to Colombo, and a waiter (at The Grand, where we are staying) brings us hot cinnamon tea, to be sipped through pieces of jaggery. It is deliciously warming.
We don light hoodies and set off for an exploratory walk around the hotel.


have i ever seen poinsettia before? not sure.


never-seen-before flora


morning gloryish…..love the vivid bluey-purpley color


mossy tree


the trees were huge!


must hug!


Amu clicked this one 🙂 The wind whips my hair around. Behind me is The Grand hotel, smacking of a colonial past. The bay window on the top left is ours!


1st August; Day 1 in Sri Lanka; Location: Lake Lodge, Colombo. A small pond at the entrance.

(the credit for this particular picture goes to my daughter, Amu. I felt compelled to add it here as it is even more Zen than the flowers 🙂 )

If I had to pick a tree…

…it would be this one.

I just have to slow down, or stop altogether and stare, if I chance upon an Amaltas on my jaunts around the city.

If this isn’t magic…what is?


hard to believe those aren’t really petals…

…or this would be my favourite flower 🙂

Fields of gold

We passed so many sarson plantations on our way to Sehwan Sharif...

fields and fields glowing yellowly in the soft sunshine....

The pretty flowers needed a closer look...

I wonder what they use for sarson ka saag......flowers.....?

...or leaves..?

Of course it must be the leaves. Who’d eat such pretty flowers?

I'm surprised I didn't even THINK of munching on some! Just to see if they taste like mustard.